Staffers Internal Network

Give your employees the power to claim additional shifts while driving agility across your organisation.

Current employees

Maximise your own workforce - Allow your employees apply for unfilled shifts across the organisation.

Previous employees

Utilise your Alumni workforce - Retain value from former employees by allowing them to work unfilled shifts.

Staffers External Network

Tap into the External Workforce - Let Staffers’s shared workforce claim remaining unfilled shifts or recruit new top talent.

Leverage your Workforce

Employees want flexibility. Businesses need flexibility. Staffers network based solution creates the ideal solution.


Create an modern agile Workforce

Create a Modern Agile Workforce

Empower and engage your staff for a reliable and long-lasting workforce, guaranteeing that your operations comply with your standards.

Create an modern agile Workforce

Happier Employees

Access to flexible work increases employee happiness and retention.

Drive productivity, profitability and reliability across the business

Drive Productivity, Profitability Reliability

Save time on administrative tasks and automate contract documentation and payroll.

How it works

Post open shifts

Post open shifts

Location managers post shifts with just a few clicks.

Select from available employees

Select from available employees

Available employees from all locations apply for the shifts that suit them. Role and experienced based access.

Feedback loop

Feedback loop

Continuous feedback powers individual employee development and growth.

Staffers integrates to Workforce management and Payroll systems

We streamline the entire process from locating available resources, up until your next payroll

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Hva er et organisasjonsnettverk og hvordan fungerer det?

Et organisasjonsnettverk gir bedrifter fullt utbytte av hele personalets kompetanse, og dermed økt fleksibilitet. Et stort pluss i uforutsigbare tider. Ansatte nyter også sjansen til å gå inn i flere relevante roller, og økt intern mobilitet.