Talent Markedplace


3000 NOK

Tailored to the hospitality & service industry.
Pre-screened candidates
See the most suitable candidates first
Use pre-made templates
Set up questions for video interviews
Create job ad


33,- kr/h

Staffers only charges a service fee of 33,- NOK per hour only when you book a job seeker.

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24/7 access to thousands of qualified job seekers
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Temporary employees through Staffers work and cost exactly the same as your regular employees. You set the salary yourself, and the only extra cost is the service fee.
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Transparent pricing. No up front costs, no binding time
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Free to post shifts
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Choose your workers
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Possibility of invoice payment when using Event job.
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Services Company
Total amount: 175 NOK
14,1% employee tax 24.5 NOK
Feirepenger 11% 19.25 NOK
Total wages: 218.92 NOK

Staffers cost:

48.75 NOK
Total cost for job: 267.50 NOK