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We believe constant access to new opportunities will benefit all.  By challenging the status quo, we strive to empower the job seeker of tomorrow, with the technology of the future.  

Regardless if you are in search for something more permanent or a completely flexible work-life, the choice is yours.

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What kind of jobs we connect

Temporary shifts

We connect you to temporary jobs at restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotels. This will typically be one or more days businesses need extra people, and when their own staff is not enough.

Freelance jobs

Have the opportunity to work at different events. You can work through your own company (enkeltmannsforetak) or let us handle the payment for you.

Permanent jobs

We display and communicate new opportunities in the hospitality and event industry for full and part-time positions across Norway.

Your first job through Staffers

1. Create a profile

Create a profile and verify your identity with a valid passport or BankID. Enter your previous work experience and other relevant information.

2. Get verified

The Staffers team will verify your digital CV by references and other means.

3. Apply for jobs

Use the filter and the different job sections in the application to find a job that suits you.  Are you available and meet all the requirements, then click on “Apply”.

4. Get accepted

The business will select the candidates that fit the job best. If that is you, you will receive a confirmation notification.

All the details – right in your hand*


When you are selected, the technology will generate an electronic contract for the designated job which is stored in your profile.

Clock in/out

Upon arrival, you will use the built in “punch clock” to register your hours while working at different establishments.

Get paid

After the business accepted the worked hours, your personal details will be available to the business so they can pay your salary.

*does not apply to permanent jobs

Businesses we work with


Freedom & flexibility

Choose where and when you want to work.

All jobs on one platform

Easy to find jobs, no more time wasted trying to combine schedules.


Request multiple jobs in seconds.

Rate your employers

We are all about professionalism for both sides.

Free to use

You can only make money with Staffers.

Get employed

Staffers is a great place to find your next permanent job, fast!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get paid?

When working through Staffers, you are a temporary employee at the businesses you choose to work for. Therefore, you will receive a normal salary as an employee. Your payment details provided in your profile will be sent to the employer after a completed shift.

What is the difference between Shifts and Eventjobs?

When you are picking up jobs from the "Shifts" column in the application, you become a temporary employee at the business hosting the shift. Your payment details are sent to the business at the end of the month, and they will then pay your salary together with their other employees.

Event jobs
When you are picking up jobs under the "Events" column, you will work as a freelancer and are required to send an invoice to get paid for the job. You can choose to invoice yourself if you have your own company. Otherwise our system will automatically use our third party provider, frilansfinans to invoice this for you, and the money will be placed into your account, just like a normal salary.

Because we know the hard work people in the hospitality industry work, we have sat the minimum wage on event jobs at 210 NOK/h to cover the extra percentage that is added when you send an invoice from Frilansfinans.

I cannot access this job..

Error message: You don´t have access to "position" jobs.. yet...

This error messages appear because you have not added enough prior experience for this position with a reference number. Add this to your profile and you will be evaluated again.

We need you to add:
* Name of the place
* Position you had
* Name
* Phone nr to your previous employer
* When you worked there

How to find your tax card?

Step 1:
English: Go to https://www.altinn.no/en/
Croatian: Idi na: https://www.altinn.no/en/
Polish: Wejdz na: https://www.altinn.no/en/

Step 2:
English: Login using your d-number/personal number by using MinId or your personal code.
Croatian: Prijavi se sa d-brojem/osobnim (P) brojem koristeći MinId ili osobni kod.
Zaloguj sie na stronie przy użyciu d-number/personal number z pomoca swojego MinID lub kodu osobistego

Step 3:
English: Click on your “inbox”  then scroll down to the mail called “skattetrekksmelding” or  "bekreftelse på D-nummer".
Croatian: Otvori “inbox”  te pronađi ulaznu poštu pod nazivom “skattetrekkmelding” ili “tax card message”.
Znajdz i otwórz ikone “Inbox” odszukaj wiadomość o nazwie “skattertrekksmelding”

Step 4:
English: Open the “Document” - > Download this PDF.
Croatian: Otvori “ tax card” - > Preuzmi ovaj PDF.
Otwórz “karte podatkową”→ a następnie pobierz dokument w formie PDF

Step 5:
English: Upload a copy of the document to the Tax Card section in the app.
Croatian: Učitaj ovaj dokument sa putovnicom na osobnom Staffers Profilu.
Polish :
Udostepnij kopie dokumenu w zakaldce Tax Card na swoim profilu Staffers.

How can I verify myself?

To verify your profile in our system, you need to either verify it by Bank ID or by uploading a passport and a work permit. This is to ensure professionality on the platform.

Waiting to be accepted on a job?

To give you more flexibility, we in Staffers have built in nice features to ease up your job searching process.

From the moment you apply for a job, the company have 2 hours to accept you to the job. IF the company exceed this time limit, you will receive a confirmation notification, asking if you still want to job or not.

If the business doesn't accept anyone before two hours,
the manager can accept all the people that applied and the first one to confirm will get the job.

When you get the notification about the two hours, the app will take you directly to the "confirm screen" The first one that push confirm, get the job and the job will be at the "my jobs" screen under "upcoming".

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