Staffers Network

Relieve your Staffing Pains

Staffers HR add-on streamlines internal personnel transfers between locations within the organisation, opens up career paths and give both employees and managers more flexibility.

Seamlessly connect with your existing scheduling system and recruitment software today!

Staffers Internal Network

Internal employee transfers between sites within organisations.

Maximize your company's productivity and profitability.

Reposition your workforce according to changes in your business,. Reduce your costs while saving precious time.

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Internal employee transfers between sites within organisations

What type of organisations can benefit from using Staffers?

Any shift-based industry with more than 2 locations can benefit from using Staffers´ solution.

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Staffers External Network

Staffers External Network

Staffing shouldn't be hard work

Tap into Staffers´ 7,000-strong network of shared workers to cover temporary needs and recruit new top talent to your company.

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Staffers integrates to Workforce management and Payroll systems

We streamline the entire process from locating available resources, up until your next payroll

  • Planday
  • Tamigo

Internal Network

Leverage your workforce

Get the most out of your current workforce by leaning into agile working.

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External Network

Extend your workforce

Access Staffers network
of quality staff to meet spikes in demand.

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Er spesialistenes tid forbi?

I vår hurtigskiftende hverdag er det av større betydning enn noen gang å være tilpasningsdyktig. Utfordringer dukker opp uten forvarsel. Da gjelder det å være i stand til å løse nye, uforutsette problemer på kort tid.

Hva er et organisasjonsnettverk og hvordan fungerer det?

Et organisasjonsnettverk gir bedrifter fullt utbytte av hele personalets kompetanse, og dermed økt fleksibilitet. Et stort pluss i uforutsigbare tider. Ansatte nyter også sjansen til å gå inn i flere relevante roller, og økt intern mobilitet.