Vår historie

Staffers’ founding team consists of three former hospitality industry professionals.

Between the three of us, we have more than 20 years experience in the hospitality industry. We have worked in everything from nightclubs and bars to restaurants and kitchens. Throughout the years, we have seen the same problem at every place we have worked; the struggle to find staff, both temporary and permanent.

The idea came to us in the summer of 2017 while working at many places at once. Being employed on a 0% contract at several places, gave us the possibility to pick up shifts when it suited us, without any commitment to work. We enjoyed the freedom and flexibility that came with this way of working. One July night after a long night shift, sitting on our balcony, we realised that we wanted to give this luxury to everyone in the industry, and Staffers was created.

Our vision is to change the way of staffing and working, by creating a platform that values flexibility and diversity of jobs, giving people the opportunity to do the things that truly matter. At the same time, allowing businesses to connect to an experienced workforce that allows them to upscale on a moments notice.

We want to create a platform as a tool to help us reach this vision. A platform where businesses and professionals can connect. A platform that is exclusively for the hospitality industry that offers quality and professionalism.

Why are we the right people to tackle this problem? Its simple, we are Staffers.