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Display your job opportunities

Stop worrying about sick-leaves and other un-foreseen events, causing you to be under-staffed.

With Staffers you can reach out to thousands of industry talents looking for new opportunities to combine with their normal schedule.

Post a temporary shift
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Create a Temp Shift in minutes

Choose what position you need and what wage you offer.
Define the specifics in an easy step-by step process using templates and toggles. It takes 2 minutes!

Expose your job to a pool of hospitality talents

We automate the filtering process based on qualifications and match you with the best candidates.

Legality – contracts and  punch-clock

A temporary working agreement for the specific date and time is electronically signed and stored in the system.
Once at your establishment, the talent will use Staffers´ built in punch clock to register their hours.

Approve hours and access salary details

Finish off by approving the shift and get access to all details needed to pay a salary to the talent together with your regular employees.


Vi fikk inn flinke personer som gjorde en god innsats. Staffers er en god løsning som fungerer.

Heidi, Daglig Leder -

The Mice Guru
“Vi brukte Staffers i flere måneder og har fått in flere kvalifiserte bartendere og servitører raskt og akkurat når vi trenger det. ”

Kristjana, Daglig leder -

Vineria Ventidue
“For me, Staffers is a great service for restaurateurs. I got to try it for the sudden lack of two workers and it was very efficient. It really is an added value for our work.”

Massimo, Head Chef

Vineria Ventidue
The Core Restaurant Group
“Staffers really helped provide us with quality staff last-minute. It´s a fantastic idea, and we will probably depend on it often.”

Ann Sung-an Lee, CEO

The Core Restaurant Group
“Vi brukte Staffers til å bemanne Byfesten i Lillestrøm, og fikk in 24 flinke personer på kort tid til mye lavere pris enn vanlig bemanning.”

Omar, Daglig Leder,

Stortorvet Gjestgiveri
“En rask, effektiv og økonomisk måte å få dyktig og erfaren personal på. Mine framtidige deltidsansatte kommer til å jobbe gjennom StaffersApp”

Jan Rennen, Daglig leder

Stortorvet Gjestgiveri
“Vi fick in proffessionell personal som var klara att göra en insats via Staffers.”

Hans, Restaurant manager


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